ISLAM RISING : The Times Poll : What Do We Think of Islam?

The Times polled 1,273 adults nationwide on Feb. 18-19 regarding their views on Islam. “Not aware” or “don’t know” were common responses to the questions.

* What is your impression of the religion called Islam? Unfavorable: 22%

Favorable: 14%

Not aware / don’t know: 64%


* Do you think the religion called Islam is compatible with Western-style political democracy or is it basically an anti-democratic religion?

Comparable wit democracy: 10%

Anti-democratic: 41%

Don’t know: 49%


* Do you think the religion called Islam poses a threat to the security of the United States and its Western allies or not?

No threat: 37%

Threat: 29%

Don’t know: 34%


* When you think of the religion called Islam, what comes to your mind?

Middle East: 16%

Arab countries: 9%

Fanatics/zealots: 7%


Violence/terrorism: 6%

Iran: 3%

Malcolm X: 3%

Black Muslims in U.S.: 3%


Fundamentalism: 2%

Great religion: 2%

Allah: 2%

Other answers: 30%


Nothing/don’t know: 37%

Who Are the American Muslims?

Immigrants constitute 56% of the U.S. Muslim population; 44% is indigenous. States with the highest concentrations are California, New York, Illinois and New Jersey.

African American: 42%


South Asian or Southeast Asian: 26.4%

Arab: 12.4%

African (immigrant): 5.2%

Iranian: 3.6%


Turkish: 2.4%

European-Americans: 1.6%

Other (including Eastern Europeans): 5.6%

Source: American Muslim Council