Women Can Tie One On Without Looking Like Grandpa


Bi-tie: In what has become a classic look over the years, women have been accessorizing white and pastel blouses with men’s ties. But ties for men have changed styles about every three or four years, and men, for the most part, keep up with those changes.

Unless they subscribe to Esquire and GQ, women don’t necessarily keep up with tie trends, which is why many women look like their grandfathers when wearing a wide ‘60s tie or a passe knit.

“The key is to find a tie that’s narrow, which looks best on women, " says Liz Menzies of Swept Away in Irvine. “And the tie shouldn’t be knotted tight against the collar; it should be pulled down a little.”

Look for simple paisley prints, which are hot right now, and stay away from anything wider than two inches. You can also wear a string of pearls over the tie, or add a pin at the collar for an interesting touch.


Sweater weather: On these spring days when it can be alternately cool and warm in an afternoon, guys are often seen in light cotton sweaters. When the temperature goes up, however, they often pull their sweater sleeves up. Nothing wrong with that, except when the sleeve passes over the biceps.

“Not only doesn’t a sweater look good, you’re stretching it out by pulling it up that far,” says fashion consultant Blaine Kiel of Laguna Beach. “Keep it below the elbow.”

Pull the bunched up material beyond the elbow but keep the elastic band on the forearm.