National Video Rentals : 'Siege' Holds Onto Top Spot

Strong word-of-mouth fueled by some good reviews boosted "Reservoir Dogs," a violent gangster movie starring Harvey Keitel, up two notches to No. 10 in the rental market. Normally a little movie like this, with its minuscule theatrical gross indicating low audience awareness, would barely make the rental Top 40. Yet it's out-renting expensive movies that had much better box-office numbers. "Passenger 57," which cruised into the No. 2 spot, may yet unseat "Under Siege." Some stores are reporting "Passenger" is out-renting "Siege." As expected, "The Mighty Ducks" soared into the Top 10--from No. 11 to No. 6. A spot check of Orange Country video stores indicates it's doing good business in that area--the future home of the Mighty Ducks hockey team. "Night and the City," the remake starring Robert De Niro, entered at No. 25 but should just do modest rental business.

Rank Weeks Last on the Week Chart 1. "Under Siege" 1 4 2. "Passenger 57" 7 3 3. "The Last of the Mohicans" 2 8 4. "Consenting Adults" 6 4 5. "The Player" 3 4 6. "The Mighty Ducks" 11 2 7. "A League of Their Own" 5 11 8. "Hero" 13 2 9. "Sneakers" 4 10 10. "Reservoir Dogs" 12 4 * "Pet Sematary Two" ... 1

* This did OK at the box-office for a horror sequel--$15.1 million. "Pet Sematary Two" entered the chart at a respectable No. 22 but, based on reports from some of the retailers who do well in the horror genre, should go much higher--luring lots of gore-loving renters.

Source: Billboard Publications Inc.

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