Breaking Up L.A. School District

I am so sick and tired of those in the inner city who accuse those of us who want to break up LAUSD (May 17) of being racist. The fact is there would be more integration if the district were to break up. White people would return to public schools (which in my experience are far superior to 90% of the private schools) in droves. This, combined with continued busing from overcrowded inner-city schools, would integrate the schools considerably more than they are now (if this is really what they want).

Crying racism is more often than not thoughtless, inappropriate and destructive. However, thinking about, and doing something about, breaking up an inefficient district is, by contrast, constructive. All would benefit. Waste would be eliminated and more money funneled to those who can best use it--the kids--black, brown, yellow, and yes, white. Why is this unfair or racist? We are all taxpayers.

The sooner we stop wasting money, the sooner we stop wasting kids--of all colors.


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