Gambler gab: the language of the high roller. action: n . a wager. dime: n . $1,000. dollar: n . $100. envelope: n . payoff or fix. Often used when a player or coach performs so poorly that it looks like they're throwing the game. "That Williams must have gotten an envelope. " fig.: n . amount of money won or lost by a gambler. From figure . juice: n . 10% penalty a bookmaker adds on to a losing bet. lay it: v . betting the favorite despite a wide point spread. "It's a 14-point spread, but I would lay it on Dallas anyway . " nickel: n . $500. number: n . point spread. Also: line. player: n. a gambler. Someone who makes wagers frequently. salty: adj. unlucky. "He's so salty, he hasn't picked a winner in two years." shy: n . person who lends money at very high interest rates. From Shylock . "I had to go to every shy in town to pay off my fig." teaser: n . type of bet where you get to adjust the point spread to your advantage but you must bet two teams. Both must win.

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