Panel OKs Justice Dept. Nominees

Associated Press

The Senate Judiciary Committee on Monday approved the nominations of three top Justice Department nominees: Philip Heymann as deputy attorney general, Webster Hubbell as associate attorney general and Drew Days III as solicitor general.

The nominations now go to the full Senate.

The voice votes for Heymann, who headed the criminal division during the Jimmy Carter Administration, and Days, who led the civil rights division in that Administration, were unanimous.

For Hubbell, three committee members voted "present" instead of "aye." They were Republicans Arlen Specter of Pennsylvania, William S. Cohen of Maine and Hank Brown of Colorado.

All three nominees had smooth confirmation hearings last week, with Hubbell the only controversial nominee because of his membership in an almost all-white country club in Little Rock, Ark., and his close friendship with President Clinton. Hubbell has resigned from the club.

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