We all have opinions. They are usually based on some belief. What is interesting is that most people do not realize this, and present their opinion as fact based on a belief they consider a fact.

Raymond P. Gauer (letter on ACLU director Ramona Ripston, May 20) lists a number of Ripston's "projects," which he obviously thinks are bad. Let's look at the other side of the coin. Pornography--legal in Denmark and they have far less problems with sex crimes than we do. Legalization of drugs--more and more people involved with the failing drug war are calling for legalization. Drugs have been legal in Holland for years and their problem is virtually nonexistent when compared to ours. Prostitution--it is legal in much of the world and our own state of Nevada. None of these places seem to have sunk into the depths of hell. Abortion is legal according to the will of the people. Sex education--considering the number of children who are becoming parents, somebody needs educating.

Gauer is entitled to his opinion but he writes as though Ripston is a bum for not sharing his opinion. He needs to realize that his opinion is just that, his opinion, and that lots of educated people don't share it.



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