CALABASAS : Panel Recommends Denying Carwash

The Calabasas Planning Commission this week recommended denial of an application for a carwash on the corner of Calabasas Road and Parkway Calabasas, due to concerns that the project would cause the destruction of several centuries-old oaks and could snarl traffic.

The commission voted against the project Thursday night after several planners and community members also expressed fears that adding a carwash to the existing Unocal 76 gas station would blight the scenic area. The City Council is expected to make a final decision on the matter in July.

"The way they had designed this plan, there was no way to use the carwash and the gas station without winding cars all the way through the lot," said Steve Harris, the city's community development director. "There was also the concern about the impacts to the scenic corridor, which you might consider one of the entryways into the city."

Harris said one of the major concerns for residents who testified was the planned destruction of several majestic oak trees.

"People are especially sensitive about this issue in the city," Harris said. "Several people were concerned about the possibility of letting a carwash go in and then having it be unsuccessful. Then what are you left with? An empty carwash and no trees."

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