Flintstones Fans Flock to Movie Sets : Film: Hundreds visit Vasquez Rocks to stroll down Cobblestone Way, home of the fabled cartoon characters.


The city of Bedrock must have one heck of a visitors bureau.

Hundreds of Flintstones fans descended on Vasquez Rocks on Saturday where sets for the cartoon-turned-movie have been built. Parents and youngsters alike strolled down the 200 block of Cobblestone Way where the fabled Fred and Wilma Flintstone live next to Barney and Betty Rubble.

“It’s un-American to not be a fan of the Flintstones, isn’t it?” said Jane Suchner, a Lake View Terrace resident and computer graphics programmer who broke out her watercolors to paint a picture of the set. “I can’t wait to see the movie.”

Children, however, were decidedly less enthusiastic about the Stone Age characters.


“They’re old,” said Josh Abbatoye, 13. “I like the new stuff. It has more action, and the old ones don’t have much.”

His siblings agreed, saying that the Hanna-Barbera characters take a back seat to their Disney rivals.

The crowds have strained Los Angeles County park officials, who boosted their numbers in anticipation of the crowds from one to two. The crowds began descending on the county park, known for its craggy rock formations, a few weeks ago. Some were drawn by news accounts of the movie, others by the set itself, visible from the Antelope Valley Freeway.


“Things are going a little crazy,” Ranger Debbie Goodwin said as she directed traffic into the park. “It’s hard to keep track of what’s going on down in the park and still keep people from being hit up here.”

Universal Studios, too, beefed up security from five to seven people to keep spectators off the sets, but there has been little trouble.

Although visitors were asked to refrain from taking pictures of the set, the request was ignored by most people with a camera and never enforced by the security team, which was too busy answering questions like: “Which one is the Rubbles’ house?”


Filming will continue until June 10.