Clinton Team Includes 73 Californians


California is well-connected to President Clinton, having filled at least 73 high-level jobs in the Administration thus far. The list is led by Secretary of State Warren Christopher and Office of Management and Budget Director Leon E. Panetta.

“This definitely helps the state,” said Doris Matsui, deputy director of White House public liaison and wife of Rep. Robert T. Matsui (D-Sacramento). “Traditionally, Washington has an East Coast mentality. Having Californians in integral places in the government will make people realize there are a lot of things we are positively responsible for, from agriculture to high tech.”

The fact that vote-rich California went for Clinton in last November’s election helped many campaign workers in the state land Administration jobs. But another key to the state’s big representation, Matsui said, is that Clinton “relates to Californians really well. He knows we’re the leading edge of possible solutions.”

Following is a list of Californians in the Administration, compiled from White House sources and interviews:

The top appointments:


* Warren Christopher: Secretary of state; Los Angeles attorney, deputy secretary of state in Jimmy Carter Administration, head of Clinton transition team.

* Mickey Kantor: U.S. trade representative; Los Angeles attorney, chairman of Clinton presidential campaign.

* Leon E. Panetta: Director of Office of Management and Budget; Democratic congressman from Carmel Valley.

* Laura D’Andrea Tyson: Chairwoman of President’s Council of Economic Advisers; on leave as professor of economics and business administration at UC Berkeley.

* Dee Dee Myers: White House press secretary, Clinton campaign press secretary.

Other Californians, their Administration posts and their principal California roles:

* Lori E. Abrams: Executive administrator of presidential messages, White House; syndication director, HMS Communications, San Francisco.

* Roberta Achtenberg: Assistant secretary of Office of Fair Housing and Equal Opportunity at Department of Housing and Urban Development; member, San Francisco Board of Supervisors.

* Carlene Ackerman: Special assistant to secretary of state; administrative assistant to Warren Christopher at Los Angeles law firm.

* C. Richard Allen: Deputy director of White House national service office; chief executive of Beverly Hills property management firm.

* Michele J. Altemus: Assistant to director of Fish and Wildlife Service; former deputy Los Angeles city attorney, scheduling director for Clinton Pennsylvania campaign.

* Aida Alvarez: Director of Office of Federal Housing Enterprise Oversight at Housing and Urban Development (awaiting Senate confirmation); vice president for public finance at First Boston, San Francisco.

* Gail Becker: Deputy communications director at Health and Human Services; Los Angeles TV reporter and producer, press advance in Clinton campaign.

* Olena Berg: Assistant secretary of labor for Pension and Welfare Benefits Administration, (awaiting Senate confirmation); chief deputy to California state treasurer.

* Eric Boswell: Director, State Department Office of Foreign Missions; career Foreign Service officer.

* Douglas Boxer: Congressional liaison at Health and Human Services; San Francisco lawyer, son of Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-Calif.)

* Irene Bueno: Counsel to assistant secretary for legislation at Health and Human Services; legislative assistant to former Sen. Alan Cranston.

* Deborah Castleman: Deputy assistant secretary of defense for command, control and communications; space and defense policy analyst at RAND, Clinton campaign adviser on space, science and national security.

* Jennifer Chang: Assistant to assistant secretary for administration on children and families at Health and Human Services; California delegate coordinator for Clinton, planning and organization assistant for transition office.

* Alexander Clemens: Assistant to assistant secretary for fair housing and equal opportunity at Department of Housing and Urban Development; legislative aide to San Francisco Supervisor Roberta Achtenberg.

* Martha Corrales: Scheduling assistant to secretary of state; Clinton campaign organizer in New Mexico.

* Ramon Cortines: Assistant secretary of education for intergovernmental and interagency affairs; superintendent of San Francisco Unified School District.

* Phyllis Coven: Special assistant to attorney general; deputy Los Angeles city attorney.

* Sheila Creal: Public affairs specialist at Overseas Private Investment Corp.; deputy director of advance for Clinton campaign.

* David Dam: Public affairs assistant at Commerce Department; on field office staff in Clinton campaign.

* Adam Darling: Public affairs specialist for International Trade Administration at Commerce Department; deputy director of Clinton inaugural events, assistant scheduler in California for Clinton campaign.

* Lynn E. Davis: Undersecretary of state for international security affairs; vice president of RAND.

* Jim Desler: Acting press secretary for Commerce Department; deputy press secretary of Democratic National Committee.

* John Dwyer: Deputy director for correspondence and presidential messages, White House; San Francisco attorney, director of Northern California speakers bureau in Clinton campaign.

* John Emerson: Deputy director of presidential personnel; deputy Los Angeles city attorney, director of Clinton campaign in California.

* Tom Epstein: Special assistant to President for political affairs; deputy California insurance commissioner, volunteer chair of environmentalists for Clinton campaign.

* Karen Finney: Deputy White House press secretary, advance person in Clinton campaign, field coordinator for former Sen. Alan Cranston.

* Carole Florman: Assistant to secretary of Interior and scheduling director; lead advance person for Vice President Al Gore in campaign, consultant with League of Conservation Voters.

* Timothy Flynn: Director of White House gift unit; deputy issues director for Clinton campaign in Northern California.

* Maurice Foley: Attorney in Treasury Department tax policy office; tax counsel for Senate Finance Committee.

* Robert Hattoy: Associate director of presidential personnel; senior environmental issues adviser in Clinton campaign.

* Dennis Hayashi: Director of civil rights office at Health and Human Services; national director of Japanese-American Citizens League.

* Judith Heumann: Assistant secretary for special education and rehabilitative services at Department of Education; vice president of World Institute on Disability.

* Genta Hawkins Holmes: Director general of Foreign Service and State Department personnel director; first ambassador to Namibia.

* Kim Hopper: Director of western press in White House; western regional press director in Clinton campaign.

* Michael Huerta: Associate deputy secretary of transportation (awaiting Senate confirmation); executive director of Port of San Francisco.

* Roger Johnson: Administrator of General Services Administration (awaiting Senate confirmation); chairman of Western Digital Corp., Irvine.

* Camille Johnston: Public affairs assistant at Education Department; deputy press secretary for inaugural committee, Iowa press secretary for Clinton campaign.

* David Katz: Special assistant to Commerce Secretary Ronald H. Brown; Democratic National Committee assistant in Clinton campaign.

* Kathleen Wah Lee: Intergovernmental relations specialist at Housing and Urban Development; formerly at San Francisco restaurant management company.

* Philip Lee: Assistant secretary for health at Health and Human Services; director of Institute for Health Policy Studies, UC San Francisco Medical School.

* Simon Un Lee: Congressional relations assistant at Housing and Urban Development; project manager with Rebuild L.A. and former chairperson of issues and candidates for Korean American Democratic Committee.

* Mary Leslie: Associate deputy administrator for business development at Small Business Administration; California finance director in Clinton campaign.

* Doris Matsui: White House deputy director for public liaison; coordinator of congressional staff outreach for Hillary Rodham Clinton and Tipper Gore in campaign.

* Paul Steven Miller: Director of disability outreach at Office of Presidential Personnel; litigation director for Western Law Center for Disability Rights at Loyola Law School, Los Angeles.

* Melissa Moss: Director of Office of Competitiveness and Private Sector outreach at Commerce Department; Democratic National Committee finance director, Democratic Leadership Council field director.

* Frank Newman: Undersecretary of the treasury for domestic finance; vice chairman of board and chief financial officer of BankAmerica Corp.

* Dung Hoa Nguyen: Assistant to assistant secretary for fair housing and equal opportunity at Housing and Urban Development; legislative aide to San Francisco Supervisor Roberta Achtenberg.

* Molly Olson: Assistant to director of Bureau of Land Management; deputy national coordinator of environmentalists for Clinton/Gore.

* Geri D. Palast: Assistant secretary of labor for congressional and intergovernmental affairs (awaiting Senate confirmation); director of politics and legislation for Services Employees International Union.

* Jennifer Palmieri: Legislative assistant at Office of Management and Budget; legislative assistant to former Rep. Leon E. Panetta.

* Thomas Payzant: Assistant secretary for elementary and secondary education at Education Department; superintendent of San Diego Unified School District.

* William Perry: Deputy secretary of defense; co-director of Stanford University’s Center for International Security and Arms Control.

* R. Paul Richard: Deputy White House staff secretary; San Francisco lawyer, deputy issues director in Clinton’s Northern California campaign.

* Richard Rominger: Deputy Secretary of Agriculture; farmer in Winters, Calif.

* Peter E. Romo: Assistant to Secretary of Transportation; volunteer coordinator in Clinton’s New York campaign.

* Marsha Scott: Director of White House correspondence and presidential messages; assistant in California campaign.

* Wendy Sherman: Assistant secretary of state for legislative affairs; partner in Doak Shrum Harris Sherman political consulting firm.

* Debbie Leilani Shon: Assistant U.S. trade representative for intergovernmental affairs and public liaison; Los Angeles lawyer.

* Joseph Shuldiner: Assistant secretary of public and Indian housing at Housing and Urban Development (awaiting Senate confirmation); executive director of Los Angeles Housing Authority.

* Jana Sidley: Assistant to commissioner of Bureau of Reclamation; advance person on Clinton campaign.

* Harold Palmer Smith: Assistant secretary of defense for atomic energy; president of Palmer Smith Corp., consultants.

* Marshall Smith: Undersecretary of Education; dean of Stanford University School of Education.

* Joseph Stiglitz: Member of President’s Council of Economic Advisers; on leave as professor of economics at Stanford.

* Kevin Sweeney: Communications director, Interior Department; public affairs director of Patagonia Co., congressional candidate in Ventura County.

* Fernando M. Torres-Gil: Assistant secretary for aging at Health and Human Services; UCLA professor of social welfare.

* Redmond N. Walsh: Public affairs assistant at Defense Department; deputy director of visuals and program at Clinton inauguration; screenplay research and development at Richard Donner Productions, Los Angeles.

* Melinda Yee: Adviser to secretary of commerce; on political division staff of Clinton campaign.

* Jay Ziegler: Deputy communications director, Interior Department; press secretary for Clinton’s California campaign, press secretary for California state controller.