E-Mail to the Chief: Clinton in Computer Net

From Reuters

The White House began receiving electronic mail Tuesday through Internet, a nonprofit system that connects universities, businesses and other organizations by computer.

President Clinton and Vice President Al Gore notified the public about the new service through a letter posted on the system.

"As we work to reinvent government and streamline our processes, the E-mail project can help to put us on the leading edge of progress," Clinton and Gore said in the letter.

Clinton used the electronic mail system as a candidate, aides said, but this is the first time the White House has been connected to the system.

The White House is accepting the letters, acknowledging their receipt and keeping track of the subject. The White House hopes to be able to respond to individual letters electronically by the end of the year.

However, "we must be realistic about the limitations and expectations of the White House electronic mail system," the letter said.

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