Gergen to Resign From All-Male Club

From Associated Press

New presidential counselor David Gergen, in an abrupt reversal, is resigning from the secretive, all-male Bohemian Club, the White House announced Thursday.

Press Secretary Dee Dee Myers insisted that the move had nothing to do with the recent controversy over Gergen's membership in the exclusive club, although Gergen had said Monday that he would not quit the group.

Myers said Gergen was resigning from all boards, commissions, organizations and social groups to which he belongs "in keeping with White House tradition."

She said many White House staff members drop out of all organizations "to avoid even the appearance of impropriety in the future."

She told reporters that Gergen never discussed his move with President Clinton. But she made clear that it was welcome, saying it was "consistent with the President's commitment to an inclusive and diverse Administration."

Gergen's membership in the all-male club had been a point of controversy since his first day on the job Monday, when he insisted: "I have no intentions to resign."

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