Abortion Bill

In response to the letter on "Abortion Funding," from Bev Cielnicky, July 14:

If Bev Cielnicky wants to see all abortion made illegal and unsafe again, that is a legitimate reason to oppose the Freedom of Choice Act. It is, however, unconscionable for anyone to use illegitimate and insulting arguments to manipulate public opinion.

Contrary to anti-choice rhetoric, women do not stroll into the nearest clinic during the late stages of a pregnancy and demand an abortion because having a baby would be inconvenient. And the Freedom of Choice Act would not sanction such a blatantly fictitious scenario.

The Freedom of Choice Act would give women the right to decide to terminate early in pregnancy. Once the fetus has reached viability in the womb, the government may interfere with that right.

I encourage anyone who is still not sure about the Freedom of Choice Act to read the legislation for themselves. Copies are available at any local Planned Parenthood office.


Director of Public Affairs

Planned Parenthood

Orange and San Bernardino Counties

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