Trivial Contest for an Important Cause

“Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen, I’m Biff Baxter with Sandy Day, here at the Glendora Public Library to bring you the second annual Great Trivia Challenge, benefiting Glendora READS!, the library’s literacy program.”

“Hi, Biff. We’ve got a great lineup of teams this year, among them last year’s champs, Rainbird Sprinklers.”

“Sandy, some of our audience may not be familiar with the way the challenge works.”

“It’s very simple, Biff. There are 20 teams of three people each from businesses and service organizations in Glendora. Each team takes a turn answering a question, and so on through the entire rotation. The teams are eliminated when they get two wrong answers, until there are two teams left. When one of those teams gets a wrong answer, the other team must answer it correctly to win.”


“Sandy, I’ve heard that sample questions were sent out to the teams to help them practice.”

“That’s right, Biff. These are questions like ‘Name the person who invented the telescope in 1609.’ ”

“U-u-h, Galileo.”

“Very good. Here’s a hard one: ‘In what country is the city Timbuktu?’ ”


“You got me there, Sandy.”

“Too bad, Biff, because audience members will get a chance to answer questions during the breaks for what I’m told are some very nice door prizes.”

“That’s about all the time we have, Sandy. To you at home, Tuesday’s Great Trivia Challenge will start with hors d’oeuvres at 6 p.m. in the library’s Bidwell Forum, 140 S. Glendora Ave. The contest kicks off at 7 p.m. Tickets are $8 advance purchase or $10 at the door.

“This is Biff Baxter for Sandy Day. See you there.”