Plan to Reuse Sewage Water Put on Hold

A plan to make Oxnard drought-proof by reclaiming treated sewage water was suspended Tuesday, despite a month-old agreement to move ahead with the costly project.

Council members said Tuesday that they needed more information before moving forward with the reclaimation project. The project ultimately could cost $90 million in public funds.

“We’re talking about spending $90 million like it’s $500,” Councilman Mike Plisky said. “We need to have more confidence before embarking on a major effort like this.”

The council instructed city staff to consult the city’s water suppliers for advice before moving forward.


If passed, the city would build an addition to the existing sewage treatment plant to add another level of filtration to waste water.

The reclaimed water would be used for agricultural needs or would be injected into underground reservoirs.

“It’s not that we are opposed to the project,” Mayor Manuel Lopez said. “It’s just that we want to be cautious about this.”