Rock Minus Sex and Drugs

After reading Steve Hochman's article "Only Good Vibrations" (TV Times, Aug. 29) one begins to feel that an insatiable thirst for the tabloid drivel that has stricken the entire planet. Now even writers for respected newspapers carp that they aren't getting enough lurid sex and drug anecdotes in their music retrospectives. I, for one, am more than happy to be given the chance to judge Fleetwood Mac's merits as musicians and songwriters without having to wallow in their dirty laundry.

Beaty Reynolds, Los Angeles

It's the Chase that Matters

Regarding "Don't Touch That Dial" ("Shedding a little light on films that were made in the noir," by Elizabeth Hansen, TV Times, Sept. 5 ): How refreshing that this lady can track down the answer and discover a question with humor and the help of her associates. Whether the question ( film noir ) needed to be answered is not as important as her quest. Please let us see more silliness on these pages from this talented lady. I can imagine her next appearance gracing this page will be to rebuck me for calling her a "lady."

Robert H. Slater, Studio City

Another Hockey Puck

Take this show, please! That's what Henny Youngman would have said had he viewed "Daddy Dearest" (Fox, Sept. 5), Don Rickles' opening TV series. Why can't comedians stick to what they do best? Why not open a nightclub like Rodney Dangerfield?

Gary Traxler, Oxnard


As if it weren't enough for us animation fans that we have seen, within the past one-year period alone, the commandeering of the ground-breaking and absolutely hilarious "Ren & Stimpy Show" by suits (executives) who have no concept of art and the cretinous "Tom & Jerry Movie" which had the pugnacious pair not only talking singing, and dancing but actually being nice to each other. Now somebody has gone and given the Pink Panther a voice ? Good lord!

Michelle Klein-Hass, Van Nuys

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