TV Ratings : 'Frasier' in Top 10; 'Grace,' 'Dave's' Also Fare Well

NBC's "Frasier" was the only new series to crack the Nielsen Top 10 last week, but two others--ABC's "Grace Under Fire" and CBS' "Dave's World"--made the Top 20.

In its first outing, "Grace Under Fire," a sitcom about a divorced mother (Brett Butler), ranked 12th among the week's 93 prime-time network programs. It lost about 19% of the audience that tuned in for its lead-in, the hit "Home Improvement."

"Dave's World" finished 13th overall with ratings that were up nearly 5% from the week before. The family sitcom with Harry Anderson is part of CBS' strong Monday night lineup that helped propel the network to a second consecutive victory in the network race. CBS also was aided by top-ranked "60 Minutes," the Country Music Awards and "Murder, She Wrote," which again handily won the Sunday showdown at 8 p.m. against NBC's "seaQuest DSV," ABC's "Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman" and the Fox combination of "Martin" and "Living Single."

Southland Ratings

Here are A. C. Nielsen's Top 10 prime-time programs in the Los Angeles area during the same week. Each rating point equals 50,064 households.

Program Station Rating 1. Home Improvement KABC 21.4 2. The Simpsons KTTV 21.3 3. Roseanne KABC 20.1 Seinfeld KNBC 20.1 5. 60 Minutes KCBS 18.3 6. Coach KABC 18.2 7. 20/20 KABC 16.3 8. Frasier KNBC 16.2 9. Beverly Hills, 90210 KTTV 16.0 10. "River of Rage" KCBS 15.8

Weekly Averages

CBS: 13.1

ABC: 12.4

NBC: 10.5

FOX: 6.9

Season to Date

CBS: 13.3

ABC: 12.3

NBC: 10.8

FOX: 7.1

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