Executive Travel : Personal View

Joyce M. Stovall

* Name: Joyce M. Stovall

* Position: attorney

* Company: Palitz & Associates, Westminster

Much of Stovall's travel time is spent working on her clients' cases. She is careful about the type of work and material she reviews while traveling.

"On airplanes, space is limited. I won't dictate correspondence of a confidential nature because I'm sitting less than a foot from others. Computer screens and documents are easily read by co-travelers."

For that reason, Stovall loads up on less sensitive correspondence and reading material. "I try not to spread out and inconvenience other travelers sitting around me."

Stovall, whose firm specializes in personal injury and business litigation, is cautious about using faxes at hotels and airports. "I'm careful when I'm sending or receiving faxes. I do not have confidential documents faxed to locations other than my office. You have to use common sense because you don't know who is handling the fax or how long it may be lying around before it is brought to your attention. It is important to remember that the people who receive the information are not your employees."

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