BEVERLY HILLS : Actress Faces Charge of Marijuana Possession

Actress Victoria Sellers is scheduled to be arraigned today on a misdemeanor charge that she had a about an ounce of marijuana in her purse when police stopped a car in which she was traveling in Beverly Hills.

Sellers, 28, the daughter of the late actor Peter Sellers, was cited but not arrested during the traffic stop on Aug. 28, according to a statement from the district attorney's office. The driver of the car, Todd Bowen, 26, was later charged with having a gun concealed in the vehicle and driving under the influence of alcohol, the statement said.

Sellers was recently in the news when she accompanied her longtime friend, Heidi Fleiss, to a hearing in August at which Fleiss pleaded not guilty to drug and pandering charges.

Fleiss is accused of operating a high-priced call girl ring that catered to the movie industry.

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