OXNARD : Computer Program to Lure Firms OKd

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To assist businesses interested in relocating to Oxnard, the City Council has approved the creation of an interactive computer program that will provide up-to-date information on the city’s business areas, demographics and housing.

The program, which will cost the city $37,000, is expected to read like a brochure, offering photos and demographic information on various sections of the city. The program was unanimously approved by the council Tuesday.

“Until now we’ve relied on paper brochures, but the information on them is out of date in just a few months,” said Michele Izay, an Oxnard economic development officer.


“With this we pay a higher cost up front, but once we have the computer program it can be updated any time.”

The computer program will be distributed free to interested businesses in the form of a computer disk. Included on the disk will be photographs of Oxnard and information on industrial areas, residential areas, cultural attractions, cost of living and demographics.

“We get dozens of requests for that kind of information,” said Penny Hoffman, executive director of the Oxnard Chamber of Commerce. “This kind of program will be really advantageous to new businesses who are considering a move here.”