Blue Jays and Phillies Hit Jackpot With Record World Series Shares

<i> Associated Press</i>

A full share for winning the World Series with the Toronto Blue Jays was worth a record $127,920.77, and a full losing share on the Philadelphia Phillies was worth $91,222.27, also a record.

Toronto’s players divided their $5,327,335.76 into 34 full shares, one half-share, two partial shares and 10 cash grants, the commissioner’s office said Tuesday. In addition, the Blue Jays gave four full shares and 28 cash grants to personnel not in uniform.

Philadelphia’s players voted 29 full shares, one three-quarter share, four half-shares, three one-quarter shares, five one-fifth shares and five cash grants. The Phillies gave non-uniformed personnel three full shares, two half-shares, three one-quarter shares, six partial shares and 13 cash grants.

Last year, a full share for the Blue Jays was worth $114,962.16.


Players and owners are attempting to reach a deal on how to split money next season, when owners want to expand the playoffs to three rounds.