West Covina : City OKs Survey on Landfill

West Covina officials plan to survey residents to find out what they think of the city's costly fight to force the BKK Landfill to close within two years.

The City Council has asked staff to look into hiring a firm to conduct telephone surveys early next year. Councilmen Steve Herfert and Bradley McFadden opposed a survey, saying council members were elected to make such decisions themselves.

The survey idea was proposed by Councilman Benjamin Wong, who wants input from residents on the BKK Landfill closure issue and on the city's recent decision to spend $1.3 million between now and June on its legal and legislative battle to shut down the dump in 1995. Operators want to stay open until as late as 2006.

City officials estimate that a survey would cost between $12,000 and $15,000 for 300 to 500 respondents, and as much as $40,000 for a survey of several thousand residents.

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