Test Scores Article Was Not Accurate

* I would like state my very strong displeasure about an inaccuracy in your newspaper that reflects badly on Burbank High School.

I am referring to the story titled "Advanced Placement Tests" in the Valley Briefing of Nov. 14.

Graphically displayed and in color, you stated that Burbank High School's pass rate for 1993 was 45.1% out of 266 exams taken.

This is a gross error, since the pass rate this year is actually 75% out of 266 exams taken.

In addition, you stated that the pass rate for 1991 was 63% out of 100 exams taken. In fact, the pass rate for 1991 was 76% out of 207 exams taken.

Faculty and staff at Burbank High School are understandably proud of our students' achievement, because it reflects the seriousness with which we provide a first-class education. The numbers I state in this letter show that we hold high standards for achievement that make our students competitive with the high standards of other schools in our class.

You denigrate our work and cause others to have a low opinion of our staff and students by printing information that is manifestly incorrect.

No statement of error will overcome fully the negative image that is indelibly imprinted in the minds of readers of your article, but I hope this letter helps to correct, for some, the misperceptions created by your inaccuracy.



Burbank High School

A correction was printed Nov. 17. The Times regrets the errors.

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