Sunday Briefing : Gangs: Concerns Now Countywide

As gang violence increases from San Clemente to La Habra, gangs have become a growing concern throughout Orange County and a Priority for police and the district attorney's office. Gangs of all kinds operate within the county. Some are so-called "territorial" or "turf" gangs, whose members believe they control specific areas; others are considered "nomadic," operating in various places in he county with no special turf. Some are considered violent; some are not. As part of the county's anti-gang efforts, the district attorney's office recently made public this map, which shows the turf claimed by 164 "territorial" gangs, as of March, 1992. Other law enforcement agencies released the names of 111 other gangs, some of which are "nomadic" because they operate throughout the county with no specific geographic base. The shaded areas merely represent turf claimed by gangs, and do not reflect their relative safety for ordinary citizens, or the amount of gang crime committed there. The map is produced by the district attorney's office with help of all 27 police agencies in the county, and is updated regularly as an aid to police investigators and as "a graphic illustration of the growth of gangs in Orange County," according to the district attorney's latest annual report on gangs. For information about gangs, call the county's anti-gang hot line at (800) NO-GANGS.



Ward Street



Walnut Street Locos

Luzon Visayan Mobsters

The Alliance

Fullerton Tokers Town

Plas Gang

Tray Mob "KBC"

Gage Street Crips

Eastside Gang

Los Coyotes Gang

Page St. Loco's

Baker Street

Citron Street Gang

Anaheim Jungle City

Optional Boyz Gang


Barrio Small Town

Benmore St.

La Jolla Gang

Atwood Gang

King Mob City

Latin Dream Boyz

Brother's Together

Eastside Anaheim

Def Crown Villains

F.O.L.K.S. C.V.S.

Anaheim Travelers City

Pauline Street

Barrio Uno

Underhill Street Gang

Barrio Small Town

Anaheim Penguin City

Broadway St.

Kroeger St.

Westside Anaheim

Anaheim Vatos Locos

Cambridge St.

Peni Skins

Grove St. Crazies

Highland St. Crips

Southside F Troop

Jeffrey Street

La Colonia

Pacific Street

Big Stanton

Varrio Los Alamitos

Crow Village

Varrio Mexico

Acapulco Boys

Hard Times

Santa Nita

Boys From the Hood

Orange Varrio Cypress

Clark St. Suicidals

Orange Varrio Lemon

Varrio Modena Locos

Pearl Street Gang


Southside F Troop

Misc. Skins

Akrho Boyz Crazy

Lil Hood


Rolling Deuce Trey Crips

Orange Boys

Los Addicts


Akrho Boyz Crazy

Royal Samoan Posse

Stuart Street

Edna Park Boys

7th St.

Mexican Piru Bloods

Misc. Skinheads

17th St.

Hard Times

16th St. Hardcore Crips

Crazy Crip Posse

Fruit Street

West Trece


Hoodlum Crip Boys

Santa Nita

F Troop

9th St.

Logan Park

Pasadena Varrio Locos

Krook City Bloods

Nip Family

Original Gangsters

Artesia St.

7th St.

6th St.

Lopers 5th St.


Walnut Street

Little Hood Gang

3rd St.

2nd St.


Misc. Asian


West Myrtle Street

Calle Flores


Lopers Pine St.

Lopers Bishop St.

Tiny Rascal Gang

Shelly St.

F Troop Westside

Dog Town

Central Myrtle


Nutwood Crips

Discipline Crips

Sullivan St.

Diamond St.

Highland St.

Townsend St.

Shelton St.

Watergate Crips

Grapehood Crips


Lil Brook

Poplar St.

Lopers Minnie St.

Lopers Cypress St.

Lopers Madison Park


Lopers Cedar St.

Kilson Boys

Kingdom Crip Posse

Alley Boys

Comps Crips


Goldenwest St.

West Hood

Stanford St.

Lil Mafia

Nuthood Crips

F Troop Southside


Alley Boys

D A Boyz

Insane Killers

Family Hood

Santa Ana Varrio Locos

Colonial De Juarez

South Side HB



Varrio Little Town

Peanut Crew

Costa Mesa Kin

Shalimar St.

Laguna Hills Suicidal Punks

Aspen Street Posse

South County Crips

South Side Raza

San Juan Boyz

Dana Point Boys


Source: Orange County district attorney's office

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