Rain in East, Cold in West and Plains

from Associated Press

Heavy rain pelted the East and record cold settled into the West and Plains on Saturday. Strong winds buffeted the Midwest.

Showers and some thunderstorms developed along a cold front slowly crossing the East, producing heavy rain from Georgia to the Upper Ohio Valley.

Strong southeasterly winds prevailed ahead of the cold front, and gale warnings were posted as far south as the North Carolina coast.

Winds greater than 40 m.p.h. were reported in the Nebraska Panhandle.

Saturday morning was unseasonably cold for a large portion of the western and central United States. Freezing temperatures were reported through most of the Great Plains into the Tennessee Valley, the Ohio Valley and the Great Lakes region.

Snow was on the ground Saturday morning across the Middle Mississippi Valley and the western sections of the Great Lakes. Up to two feet of snow covered parts of Minnesota and the Dakotas.

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