NAME: Susan Lee

AGE: In her 40s

WORK: Owns a flower shop that she operates alone in Los Angeles

HOME: Los Angeles

IMMIGRATION STATUS: Illegal immigrant. Arrived in 1990 from Seoul, South Korean.

"I would like to ask Americans clamoring about illegal immigrants to be a little more tolerant. We're not all uneducated and undesirable people who are draining American taxpayers.

"I brought my life's savings to Los Angeles and I've been living off it mostly. I contribute to the economy of Los Angeles and California by spending money here.

"There is tremendous anger towards immigrants in general in America these days, but some of it is misplaced. Most undocumented Koreans are like me--they have their own businesses. They do not use government services. Not a thing.

"Right now I don't even gross an average $1,700 a month and I work from 5:30 in the morning and often until 7 o'clock at night, six to seven days a week. I know I could better if I advertise. But I'm afraid to draw to much attention to myself. Still, despite my illegal status here, I feel much freer living here."

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