Nasal Dilator Subverts the Snoring

There’s something new on the market for snorers whose racket is caused by nasal congestion or a deviated septum.

The Food and Drug Administration recently approved a device called the Breathe Right Nasal Dilator. It looks like a small bandage and has two springy strips of plastic running through it. When placed over the nose in exactly the right place, it gently pulls the nasal passages open to allow air to flow more freely.

“If you can pull open that airway another millimeter, you’ve made a huge difference,” says Dr. Dan Cohen, chairman of CNS, the Minneapolis-based company marketing the device. Cohen says studies show a decrease in resistance in the airways by 31%, similar to the effect of nasal sprays to relieve congestion.

The Breathe Right is touted as an alternative to using decongestants or nasal sprays, Cohen says.


“It’s a drug-free alternative that you can use for colds and allergies,” he says.

The Breathe Right, which is slowly making its way to drug stores, is sold over the counter. A box of 10 strips costs about $5.