Escobar's Wife Pleads for a Haven

Associated Press

The wife of fugitive drug lord Pablo Escobar, threatened by a death squad and rejected in her request for asylum in Germany, is pleading for any country to grant her family a haven.

"Our lives are in danger in Colombia and we don't have the ability to protect ourselves from the evil of our enemies," Victoria Escobar said in an appeal carried by local media Tuesday.

Mrs. Escobar, her 9-year-old daughter and teen-age son fled Colombia on Saturday to escape a vigilante group that has been killing Escobar's associates.

The family sought asylum in Germany after Colombia's prosecutor-general said he would remove their government bodyguards to pressure Escobar to surrender. But Germany rejected their appeal for political asylum and sent the family home.

The Colombian government relented Monday and resumed protecting the Escobars, sending police to the airport to meet them.

Escobar, who escaped from custody in July, 1992, heads the Medellin cocaine cartel.

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