Arbiters of El Toro Reuse Take Flak

* The future of the El Toro Marine Corps Air Station continues to be the subject of debate and strong interest in our communities.

On Dec. 14, 1993, the Orange County Board of Supervisors passed a proposal for a Reuse Authority consisting of the five supervisors with three seats for the city of Irvine and one for the city of Lake Forest. Considering past attitudes of these three groups, this could give them veto power over commercial airlines’ use.

This is not a representative group since none of our major cities have direct involvement.

A more equitable body would be the five supervisors with five city council members to be elected (one for each supervisor’s district) by the League of Cities, and one at-large public member selected by the 10.


In the interest of fair representation, we urge that our citizens write today and object to the proposed Reuse Authority plan as presently outlined.

Please write to: Mr. Paul Dempsey, Department of Defense, Office of Economic Adjustment, 400 Army Navy Drive 200, Arlington, Va. 22202-2884.

Prompt action is necessary if we are to have input on this most important project for economic growth, with thousands of jobs, in county history.




Committee For El Toro Airport Tomorrow

Santa Ana

* I am appalled by the politicians, business people and others who do not live in the proximity of El Toro Marine Corps Air Station believing they should be instrumental in deciding its ultimate use; namely converting it to a commercial airport.

These individuals will not have to live with the added air pollution, traffic problems and noise while having their property values decline as a result of these adverse factors.

These individuals want to take advantage of a situation while not having to suffer the negative consequences.

The residents of Lake Forest, Irvine, El Toro, Laguna Hills, Leisure World, Laguna Niguel and Mission Viejo should be the ones that are consulted as to El Toro’s future use.

After all, it’s their peace of mind, health, solitude, and financial well being that are at stake.



Mission Viejo