Rep. Rohrabacher

I read with disgust Rep. Dana Rohrabacher’s (R-Huntington Beach) demands that illegal immigrant quake victims be forbidden from receiving aid (Jan. 23-24). I cannot believe that with all the wonderful Los Angelenos giving of their money, food, clothing and volunteer work, out of the goodness of their hearts and with so many people feeling the pain and suffering that these poor quake victims are feeling, that there could exist a person who would deny these victims aid just because they are illegal.

Has this representative forgotten that one must help his fellow man in time of crisis? What difference does it make whether they are legal or illegal? This kind of callous disregard for the suffering of others is truly a horrible trait to have in life, especially when it comes from an individual with power. I hope no one listens to this politician’s requests and listens instead to the pleas of help of all earthquake victims.


Los Angeles


While viewing nonstop TV coverage of the earthquake news and subsequent lines of people applying for aid, I couldn’t help thinking, “How many of these people can our government support?”

Arturo Montes of the League of United Latin American Citizens states that Rohrabacher’s comments are “racist.” Anytime anyone questions handouts given to illegal immigrants, whether it includes free health care or free education, that person is labeled a “racist.”

I hope this earthquake has “shaken up” more people into realizing that the disaster relief pit is not bottomless and unless we monitor who gets the money, we who live here legally will have to do with less while those who live here illegally can have more. The American pie is only so big.



Huntington Beach