Greenbelt Between 2 Cities OKd


The agency that regulates city and county boundaries ratified an agreement Wednesday that establishes a greenbelt of undeveloped land between Oxnard and Ventura.

The Local Agency Formation Commission voted unanimously to approve an agreement that stipulates no development will be permitted in 4,575 acres along the coast between the two cities.

LAFCO’s agreement was the final step in establishing the greenbelt agreement, which will be up for review in five years.


During public hearings in front of the Oxnard and Ventura city councils last fall, many landowners and developers opposed the agreement while environmentalists pushed for it.

The land is already protected from development by zoning laws that designate it only for agriculture, but the agreement is seen as a way to reinforce a commitment by Ventura and Oxnard to protect the rural character of the area.