Disney Park

* Why can’t Disney build a park (where “slavery, the Civil War and the Depression will be fun and exciting for the whole family”) in an urban area (Feb. 16-17)? Our cities offer an established infrastructure and built-in work force where a $5.65 per hour Disney job would be a dream come true.

Disney could be a part of the solution in bringing life back into our inner cities instead of destroying an established rural community. Closer to home, if the Ahmanson Ranch mini-city near Simi Valley (Feb. 15) was built in urban L.A. instead of a critical greenbelt area, Ahmanson would give true leadership and momentum to the Rebuild L.A. movement.

It doesn’t take much “imagineering” to pave over virgin land with a billion-dollar development to make a nice tourist attraction. A truly creative challenge would be to work within a city’s redevelopment area where the descendants of those who suffered slavery, the Civil War and the Depression could benefit.




* Regarding the Disney proposal to build an American history theme park near Washington: Two generations of children have warped (Disneyfied) versions of classic fairy tales. What ethnicity is Aladdin? What really happened to the Little Mermaid? How did Pinocchio really come to life? How did Snow White wake up and how did the dwarfs get those names?

What will Disney do to history? Why can’t we go 30 miles farther and see the real thing?


La Verne