Faces Red in Buckingham Palace Painting Theft

<i> Reuters</i>

Britain’s royal household suffered another security embarrassment Tuesday when police revealed that a valuable painting was stolen from Buckingham Palace without anyone noticing.

A 22-year-old man who used to work at the palace was charged Tuesday with stealing the 17th-Century oil painting from a guest bedroom at Queen Elizabeth II’s London home in January and also with stealing a rose bowl and some silver.

Police said the theft came to light only when the painting, valued at up to $120,000, was offered for sale to a London auctioneer who recognized the scene of a couple seated at a table as part of the Queen’s Royal Collection.

The theft adds to a growing list of security breaches involving royal palaces and members of the queen’s family.


Last month, thieves broke into private palace apartments that are home to Prince Charles, making away with personal items including expensive cuff links.