Wisdom and Advice Come With $6 Haircuts

* The story "Barbers Suffer Unkindest Cut of All" (March 12) left me saddened. Jim and Tom's Barber Shop is a unique, timeless place where a haircut may come with a medley of Broadway show tunes played on a slightly out-of-tune piano. Or the wisdom of life experiences of the two barbers approaching 80 years old, or of customers ranging from businessmen and plainclothes police officers to retired blue-collar workers or a brilliant homeless musician.

A haircut at the cluttered little shop has always been a friendly experience, dipping into the past and speculating about the future. It's a place never short of opinions, on any subject, expressed by proud individuals. And the haircut is included for $6.

The article indicates that the barbers think they may be evicted because they've extended friendship to two or three homeless people. Is there something wrong with a non-patronizing acceptance of a few individuals with problems? What a loss!


Studio City

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