Farrakhan to Move Men-Only Texas Speech

<i> From Associated Press</i>

Louis Farrakhan decided not to give a speech at Texas Southern University because women would have been allowed to attend, a spokesman for the Nation of Islam leader said Wednesday.

The university had said Tuesday that the April 11 event, billed as a man-to-man discussion of issues involving black men, could not be held on campus if women were prohibited.

At first the Nation of Islam backed down from its men-only plan, saying that women would be allowed. But Farrakhan later decided that he didn’t want to hold the event at the university if women could attend, said Houston-area Nation of Islam leader Robert Muhammad.

“We’re not having it at TSU. It’s not canceled, it will just be moved,” Muhammad said. A new site has not yet been selected.


The school had said women must be allowed to hear the speech because it was to be held in a public building.

Since January, women have been barred from several events by the controversial Muslim group, whose leaders have been under fire for statements derogatory to Jews, Roman Catholics and others.