Moderates: The Frustrated Majority

* I read with interest Terry Baas' letter "Conservatives Ruining a Good Party" (April 14). Don't be "embarrassed" by being a Republican, Terry. I agree that the conservative wing seems to have a disproportionate influence to its numbers in Orange County.

The moderate Republicans, like you, either have to stand up and be counted or else merge with the moderate Democrats and form a third party.

I would prefer to help change the image of the "Grand Old Party" but the number of people who responded to Ross Perot's abortive campaign is indicative of a lot of Americans who are unhappy with what is being offered by the old guard of both parties.

The "silent majority" might be better named the "frustrated majority." They are the ones in the middle and they are only silent because both parties seem to espouse the dictates of their extreme edges.


Huntington Beach

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