Seeking Office Does Not Justify Attack

* One of the more distressing aspects of running for public office is the staged press attacks, of which Toni Casala’s letter (April 18) is a good example.

Ms. Casala purports to be “outraged” at the series of public meetings I have held as a member of the Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy.

She should have taken the time to learn the facts first:

I am statutorily the public member of the conservancy from the San Fernando Valley, and I have a legal duty to discharge that representation.


I am also the only member of the conservancy appointed by a statewide elected authority, the governor.

I have an environmental record stretching back 25 years, including my most recent stint as state planning director. I do not need to be educated by Ms. Casala or anyone else on environmental issues. The purpose of these meetings was to receive public input.

The total expense of the meetings was $39, which was paid out of my own pocket. No taxpayer dollars were expended, although it would have been proper to do so.

As far as “living in the community” for a while, I was born here, which is more than I can say for the incumbent, Rep. Anthony C. Beilenson.


In fact, I am the only congressional candidate of either party who was born in Los Angeles County and who still lives here.