Government Employees in Hawaii End 12-Day Walkout

<i> Associated Press</i>

State and county government workers have accepted a new four-year contract, ending a 12-day walkout that left residents unable to receive hospital services, or obtain marriage or driver’s licenses.

More than 16,000 workers from three bargaining units of the Hawaii Government Employees Assn. had walked picket lines before voting Friday to accept the deal.

The unions represent 20,000 white-collar workers and supervisors, and professional and scientific workers.

Workers earlier rejected a contract offer that would have given them a 4% raise over two years. They wanted an 8% increase.


Chief state negotiator James Yasuda said the base salary paid by the state and counties to professional and scientific workers would increase slightly more than 4% in the first two years of the contract, which is retroactive to July, 1993.

Total base pay for workers in the other two bargaining units will rise slightly more than 6% for the first two years of the deal, Yasuda said.