Disk Drive Maker Lays Off 103 at Anaheim Plant

Seagate Technology Corp., the world's largest maker of disk drives for personal computers, said Thursday it has laid off 103 workers at its Orange County plant.

Claire West, spokeswoman at Seagate's headquarters in Scotts Valley in Northern California, said the company is phasing out older products at the Anaheim plant, which makes the aluminum disks that serve as the basic storage components in disk drives.

"Business is good for our products but we decided to phase out this line," she said.

Earlier this week, Seagate laid off 60 full-time employees and 43 temporary workers, West said. The workers built Seagate's eight-inch hard disk products. The plant remains open and will focus on building newer technologies that don't require as much labor.

Seagate has more than 40,000 employees worldwide. It acquired the Anaheim plant in November, 1987, from Aeon Corp.

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