Blast at Watchdogs No Laughing Matter

Re the April 28 Laugh Lines: I just thought of something funny. What if I cancel my subscription to your paper?

You'd probably get as big a kick outta that as I did from your yuk-yuk article "I Just Called . . . to Say . . . 'Save the Scoot Frog!' " by Tony Kornheiser.

I'm far from understanding the humor behind Kornheiser's belittlements of social, political and environmental concerns and those making the effort to aid on these issues facing each one of your readers.

This type of worthless sarcasm is quite characteristic of a society that has brought about the necessity for a company like Working Assets.

It may do Kornheiser some good to investigate Working Assets a little further, broaden his scope past the point of self, and then maybe he'd find what Working Assets is based on--integrity, care and concern.


Long Beach

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