Serb Arms Found in Exclusion Zone

Times Wire Services

Serbian weapons are still hidden inside the U.N. exclusion zone around Gorazde, but Bosnian Serb curbs on U.N. movements are preventing peacekeepers from locating the arms, U.N. officials in Gorazde said Monday.

Two Bosnian Serb antiaircraft guns were found under bushes Sunday within the 12-mile weapons exclusion zone around the Muslim enclave of Gorazde, U.N. officials said. The weapons were removed from the zone, where Serbs are forbidden from keeping heavy weapons.

In Vienna, talks between Bosnian Croats and Muslims on the establishment of cantons in their U.S.-backed federation formed in March appeared stalled on the issue of borders for the new regions. Talks were to resume today.

And in northern Bosnia, Serbs shelled a mostly Muslim village at the edge of the U.N.-declared "safe area" of Tuzla, killing two 17-year-old girls and two other civilians, officials said.

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