An erogenous state (on the East Coast):...

An erogenous state (on the East Coast): Dr. Ruth Westheimer, the sex therapist, was as funny as ever during a recent talk before the American Assn. of Retired Persons. But, observed Joseph Feinstein of Sherman Oaks, some unintentional humor could also be found in the printed version of her speech that flashed on the four large screens in the Anaheim Convention Center.

Feinstein, host of the "Teen Talk" television show, reports that the word vibrator appeared on the screen as "va brighter." Semen was "see men." And a part of the female anatomy was spelled "virginia."


Tu tu cool: When the Chiat-Day ad agency printed up flyers for a 10-K run in Venice last year, it described the starting point as the corner of "Rose and Main, where the transvestite ballerina clown also kicks up his/her heels."

Sure, Jonathan Borofsky's "Ballerina Clown" is a local landmark. But, believe it or not, some critics have declined to take the sculpture seriously.

Now, Sunset magazine has put any doubts about its greatness to rest by including the big guy/gal in an article on L.A.'s "world-class art." Obviously, the magazine's judges were touched, as we always are, by the figure's beseeching gesture, the winsome expression, the red nose, the blue brassiere. . . . We could go on but we're starting to choke up.


Beverly Hills 911!In case you're wondering, the ex-landlord of actress Shannen Doherty alleges in his lawsuit against her that she caused $70,150 in general "structural damage" to her apartment as well as destroying:

1. One sofa, worth $9,769.

2. One ottoman ($2,696).

3. One coffee table ($6,029).

4. One set of sprinklers ($1,075).

5. One heating, ventilation and air-conditioning unit ($1,865).

Looks like she can forget about getting her damage deposit back.


LBJ--the Southern California year: While Richard Nixon's local links are well-known, Lyndon B. Johnson also worked here--as a law clerk in San Bernardino in 1925.

And, judging from Robert Caro's biography, Johnson qualifies as a prototype of the L.A. driver. Once, racing to make an important appointment, Johnson was caught in Labor Day traffic between L.A. and San Berdoo.

Since it was a two-lane road, Caro writes, LBJ "had to get cars in his lane to pull off to the side . . . if he wanted to pass them. And the horn on (the) car didn't work."

A fellow clerk recalls how Johnson would "pull right up behind some car and bang the side of his door, just smash it--hard--with his open palm so it sounded like a crash, almost, over and over until they'd pull over. . . ."

He made it on time.


So, the Los Angeles Rams are holding "Select-a-Seat-Day" on Sunday at Anaheim Stadium for fans interested in purchasing season tickets. It's ironic that at the same time, the team is participating in a Select-a-City exercise as it tries to determine whether to relocate.

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