The Mazzone Affair Just Won't Go Away

Angelo Mazzone's acquisition of Rose Bowl tickets from Cal is disturbing.

Cal says it sold Mazzone surplus tickets for three years, and he made a contribution to Cal of $14 per ticket for 300 tickets to the 1992 game and $5 per ticket for 277 tickets to the 1993 game.

Cal Athletic Director Bob Bockrath soft-pedals the sale, saying "the first year he bought the ones we couldn't sell," that Cal people have no interest, and that surplus tickets were given to a church group. Baloney! My son, John Werdel, played for Washington in the 1992 and 1993 Rose Bowl games. Both years I phoned Cal's athletic department, looking for tickets without success.

Something is terribly wrong in the Pac-10. Bockrath either has a bad memory or is covering up what really happened.




As a California taxpayer, I'm interested in knowing, as others should be, if Mr. Mazzone reported the "income" on the sale of the 4,000 Rose Bowl tickets he obtained from UCLA, as I'm quite sure he took the $100,000 "contribution" as a tax deduction.



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