Talk-Show Host Vows Not to Keep Quiet

Dear Larry Stewart,

A year and a half ago, when I was doing the all-night shift, you, just listening to some hearsay, and without checking the facts by calling me, attacked me in your newspaper column, by stating that I did not get the midday show because of my bad attitude around the station.

If you had only dialed my seven digits, you would have heard an entirely different story. When I was hired, I was promised Jim Lampley's time slot whenever he was unavailable. The program director did not follow through on that promise and as usual you did not check or do your homework. After your incorrect analysis in The Times, I went after you for your incompetence and lack of journalistic ethics.

And I promise you, on my four-hour daily national program, which is heard in 50 cities around the nation, from Phoenix to Philadelphia, I will blast you and your newspaper hourly. I will blast you for writing all those lies. I will blast your newspaper that has refused to do the right thing and fire you.

Your column today, May 6, was beneath contempt. If the morning show was dour, you are the only one who thought so. It may not have been the best show in the world, but it wasn't the reason for the fall of KMPC.


Canoga Park

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