Drive-In Memories Too Cool to Curb

Re "When We Loved to Curb Our Appetites" (Around Town, April 29): In addition to the drive-ins mentioned, growing up in West Los Angeles in the 1940s, '50s or '60s meant being able to cruise Delores' Drive-In.

Ordering into a speaker box those "Suzi-Qs" (stringy French fries) or a "J.J." (Jumbo-Jim hamburger) with extra "Z" sauce and a cherry Coke and having the carhop bring your order on a tray and affix it to your car window was all a phenomenon never again to be recreated. All gone the way of my 1960 Chevrolet Impala convertible, but so cool they will never be forgotten.


Pacific Palisades


"When We Loved to Curb Our Appetites" brought back wonderful memories.

However, I would like to set something straight: Not everything was fried. There was a drive-in in the area of the Sunset Strip in the early '40s where one could buy a juicy charcoal broiled hamburger for $1.25 with lettuce and tomato and choice of ketchup or mustard. I don't recall the name, but the hamburgers there were the best to be had in L.A. in those days.

Also, I recall a drive-in on the southwest corner of Rodeo and La Brea, where most of the USC students met after classes. The carhops were beautiful, you could eat with your windows rolled all the way down, the food was healthy, the air was clean. No smog and no crime. Those were the days.


Los Angeles

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