A Glimpse Into Ferguson’s World

* There he goes again. Gil Ferguson, in the guise of complaining about Democrats in charge of the Legislature, once again gives us a glimpse into The World According to Gil (Letters, May 1).

In Gil’s world, all Republican conservatives are ineffective because they’re put upon by Big Bad Willie.

The almighty Speaker foils them at every turn, delights in controlling their meager budgets, and renders them mere speed bumps on the legislative highway.

Poor Gil and his cohorts!


But wait. Why is it that some conservatives (many of whom Willie doesn’t like either) actually get things done in Sacramento?

Some pass bills. Others work on budgets. Still more actually get involved in policy-making. And some even dare to offer constructive debate filled with insights, not sound bites.

Are they just flukes who happen to dare to perform the job they were elected to do?

Nah. Couldn’t be.


Gil’s World is a lot easier for us simpletons out here in voter-land to digest.


Costa Mesa