Traveling in Style : Side Trips : Watch Where You're Going

Trekkers, climbers and rapids-shooters like to know what time it is every bit as much as anyone else--and it is for such hardy sporting types that Timex has produced its Expedition Series of sports watches. These are serious instruments, outfitted with compasses, chronographs, alarms and more. One of the most unusual is the new 73701S, equipped with a ratcheting compass directional ring for orienteering (or just finding your way out of the woods), a 24-hour chronograph, indicators for three time zones and a 24-hour countdown timer, among other things--everything, it might be said, but a catchy name. The watch case and strap (of polypropylene, leather or water-resistant leather) come in tan, charcoal, teal or rust. Available at Sports Chalet, Mervyn's, Chick's and Robinsons-May stores, as well as individual retail outlets, Expedition Series watches start at $39.95, with the 73701S retailing for $54.95.

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