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Regarding the complaint by a tourist (who found the horseback ride into Petra tough going and said he would have taken a shuttle bus if one had been available) ("Letters," March 27): To do so, one would miss the approach to the valley along the entranceway below the narrow fissure (through rock formations that rise several hundred feet alongsid the original aqueduct) and the view of the magnificent carved sandstone Treasury. I will never forget the impact of the approaching scene. Nor will I forget the climb, led by a Bedouin, scaling cliff walls so high that the people on horseback below looked like toys. Our guide, who had toured most of the world and was living happily in a nearby village, was so eager for us to see the 2,000-year-old ruins of which he was so proud. I am glad I was then physically able to accompany him to share his pride in his homeland.

Oh to return some day!


San Diego

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