I have been involved with the Cal-Mortgage program since its inception and I have read all the articles Irene Wielawski has written about it over the past few months (most recently, May 1 and 4). The articles were factual and well researched based on my experiences with Cal-Mortgage. The Triad Healthcare and Community Adult Care Centers of America financings, in my opinion, never should have taken place and it is difficult to believe they did receive Cal-Mortgage approval and insurance. I am concerned the reaction to the articles might adversely affect the program as a whole. I sincerely believe the program has benefited both the institutions that were financed and the people they serve. Without the program some of the services now available would not be there. The program has not outlived its usefulness as some people claim.

I am acquainted with many of the Cal-Mortgage staff and they are, in my opinion, dedicated, knowledgeable and conscientious. I hope they, and the program, will continue to function and serve the people of California for many years.


Los Angeles

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