Baltimorean Says, Keep Your Rams

The subject of the Rams and the rumor that the team might move to Baltimore is the reason for this letter. Simply put, the act of stealing another city’s football team is a crime. All of Anaheim and Los Angeles should stand up and prevent this from happening.

You see, the good people of Baltimore are not represented by this shameful scheme of coaxing somebody else’s team to move. Baltimore football fans were deeply saddened when this city was burglarized of its team, the Colts, 10 years ago. Now it is 1994, and the feeling among most fans is that we will not become thieves ourselves.

As for me and the thousands of football fans in Baltimore, we have been blessed with the arrival of the Canadian Football League and the team is called the Colts. After 10 years, pro football is reborn, not rented, stolen or borrowed.





I am a Ram season-ticket holder and lifelong fan. Yes, there are Ram fans out there, and a very loyal group of them occupies the north end of Anaheim Stadium. The Rams are wrong if they think there is no support in Southern California.

It is a tough market in which to prosper. Southern California will support the Rams and professional football if they can win and contend for the playoffs. Yes, a new city will be enthusiastic toward the Rams, but after a few years of losing, that will wear off and the Rams will play in an empty house once again.


Running away won’t solve the Rams’ problems. Put a consistent winner on the field. Victories make the price of a professional game worthwhile. Give the fans what they want: a winner.


Westlake Village